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About New Zealand

New Zealand is a magical place, with magnificent natural beauty, beautiful things to do, and to meet some of the friendliest locals you are ever likely to find. In short, it is among the most stunning nations in the world

The country consists of two major islands, the North and South islands, and also several tiny islands. The capital city is Wellington, and the busiest city is Auckland, both located on the North Island.

Besides having giant landmass, the South Island is also very prominent for its marvelous all-natural landscapes, given its variety of awesome glaciers, hills, and lakes.

On top of the unbelievable and breathtaking views, New Zealand has abundant social heritage, which is evidenced by its significant and influential Maori community. In addition to this, towns and cities such as Auckland, Wellington, and Queenstown are must-visit places, due to their marvelous natural setups.

Why Study in New Zealand?

New Zealand is one of the best and also the most attractive nations in the world. With superb study opportunities and world-class training, it has turned into one of the most eye-catching destinations for overseas students. Due to its low cost of living and unique facilities, a considerable number of international students choose to study in New Zealand every year.

Take a look at these top reasons why you really should study in New Zealand.

  • All New Zealand universities are ranking among the world's best by QS World University Rankings.
  • Thirty countries in the European Union acknowledge New Zealand's qualifications framework.
  • Cost of living as well as annual tuition costs are cheaper than other popular studies abroad destinations.
  • Safe learning experience as New Zealand has political stability and a reduced crime rate. Individuals in New Zealand accept and value other cultures and even welcome international students warmly in the country regardless of religious beliefs, caste, and sex.
  • New Zealand allows international students to work while studying. With a student visa, students can work 20 hours weekly during the study and full time during the scheduled holidays.

Universities in New Zealand

The best part of studying in New Zealand is not only that you will have never-ending things to explore. However, you will be studying in top universities in new zealand.

International students coming to study in New Zealand can choose from various programs provided by universities in the nation, providing great job possibilities after graduation.

Universities Times Higher Education Ranking (2020) U.S. News & World Report Ranking (2020)
University of Auckland 179 134
University of Otago 201 237
Auckland University of Technology 251 434
University of Canterbury 301 318
Lincoln University of Canterbury 501 1033
Massey University 501 522
University of Waikato 501 727
Victoria University of Wellington 501 515

Cost of study in New Zealand for an international student?

Studying abroad can be an expensive affair. Nevertheless, an efficient budget plan can aid you to handle your living expenses more effectively. Before departing your country, ensure that you calculate the approximated cost of studying in New Zealand, including expenses such as rental, food, health insurance, tickets, and tuition fee.

Your expenditure on the tuition fee depends on the type of course you choose and in which University or Institute you want to study in. There are several high-ranking universities as well as colleges in New Zealand with their set fee structures. The average tuition fees to study in NZ are approx NZ$ 18,000 and NZ$ 35,000 a year.

Cost of Accommodation while Studying in NZ?

If you are a student or just arrived in the nation and want to save money, then we recommend renting out a house together with other people (sharing, flatmates). This will certainly help you conserve high costs, which is vital, mainly in the beginning. On top of that, energy costs will likewise be divided proportionately, which also results in financial savings.

Student Accommodation options are listed below.

  • HOMESTAY: from NZ$ 240 per week
  • Students Hostel: from NZ$ 150 per week
  • Apartment: from NZ$ 350 per week.
  • Shared Space: from NZ$ 120 per week.

International Students Work rights in NZ?

New Zealand offers overseas students the opportunity to work up to 20 hrs per week, or full time in the vacations. The minimum income in New Zealand is NZ$ 17.70 per hour. Thinking if you are studying and working part-time in New Zealand, you will get to make about NZ$ 354 per-week.

When to apply for New Zealand Student visa?

Once you have received your Admission approval letter, You'll have to apply for your New Zealand student visa application online using the New Zealand Immigration site. You can apply up to 120 days before your program's start date.

While you are studying abroad in New Zealand, don't forget that New Zealand is likewise home to some of the world's most amazing landscapes and also the globe's most severe sports! You will find breathtaking glaciers, tough mountains; relaxed sandy coastlines for swimming and also sunbathing, all-natural lakes and warm springs to loosen up in; woodlands and national parks to explore. You can also fall from the sky towards earth with a parachute (sky diving) or without if bungee-jumping!.so there is lots to explore and also always enough to keep you captivated in your spare time.